Why I don’t think I’ll ever be like other female bloggers

Recently I started to think about my social media presence, my blog, YouTube channel, but most importantly my brand. As a blogger or an influencer, it’s important that you are your brand. You need to be representing yourself in a way that is true to you – or at least this is how I want my brand to be. I started to look through other UK female blogger’s platforms and channels to help with my own plan.

When I started to compare myself to some of them that have been around for years and that I have admired and followed for a while, I wondered whether I would fit in. I noticed that the majority are in their twenties, they discuss topics regarding beauty, fashion and lifestyle. They always look so beautiful, their makeup looks great, their photos are always flawless and the majority of them are either in a long term relationship or married so, their partners often feature in their vlogs.

When I compared that to myself, I’m definitely not the kind of person who would do a makeup tutorial vlog. Most days I don’t even wear makeup and in fact, my 30 day plan video shows me regularly without it. (Maybe I should think twice about that!) I do like fashion, I actually used to be a personal stylist. However, these days I don’t really buy many new clothes because I know it can become an expensive habit. My photos are rarely flawless and I have a fear of posing, which means it takes me 100 attempts before I get one I like! Lastly, I am in my thirties and I am single. Therefore I have no cute male blogger/photographer boyfriend to feature in my vlogs or take photos of me when I’m out and about. *insert violins*

No boyfriend, but at least I have Kizzy. Maybe I can teach her to take photos?

Having said all of that, I think this is a good thing for me. I have clarity on what I don’t want to do. My blog will be more about what I do and what I talk about with my friends. I want to discuss dating, relationships, sex, health and fitness, being an entrepreneur and network with other people who are also into the same things. My aim is to connect with more women and inspire them to find out about themselves, what they like and what makes them unique. As I mentioned in one of my first posts – Being a single woman in your 30s, sometimes it can be really difficult as a women to establish who you are and what makes you happy. Therefore, my goal is to connect with women who also want to go on that journey. I want to discuss topics that affect us on that journey, whether we’re single or not.

I mentioned in a Facebook post that I had recently come across Shan Boody on YouTube and I think she is absolutely incredible. She is currently living in LA and she refers to herself as a sexologist. She talks incredibly openly about love and sex on her channel and I admire that a lot. I have tried to look for a UK equivalent but I haven’t yet found that person. (If you know of anyone, please let me know in the comments.) Now, I’m not saying I would want to be the UK equivalent because I don’t think I’m that confident and I wouldn’t want this to be my only topic but I am deeply inspired by her courage. She empowers women to discuss certain taboo subjects and to embrace their sexuality, which I think is such a positive and powerful message.

On the flip side, one of my other role models is Carrie Green who runs the Female Entrepreneur Association. She is based in the UK but her niche is women’s entrepreneurship. Carrie provides helpful tips and advice to help women grow their businesses and become successful. The FEA also has a private members group (which I have been on the wait list for) in which she gives people bonus exercises, workshops, videos etc. Again, another independent woman who’s aim is also to encourage other women to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Essentially both these women have similar aims, they just come from extremely different angles. My thought process was, is it possible to merge the two and add a few other topics in between? I don’t want to end up being Jack of all trades and master of none. I have also been reading a lot about blogging and You Tubers and the common advice is ‘pick a niche’ and go with that. What if I don’t know what my niche is yet?

These are the kind of photos we take!

I think what I have established is that it’s still early days and I won’t know what my niche is until I experiment with content and establish what it is that my followers respond to. I am interested in discussing entrepreneurship, the dating scene and also health and fitness but only my audience’s response will dictate which one people prefer. In fact, maybe they will all work together because it encompasses everything I am involved with and the people that I surround myself with. I think it’s just my self-doubt kicking in again and because it’s different to the bloggers that I have been following for a while.

However, I won’t allow my fear of doing something different stop me from discussing topics that I find interesting. I think I would only come across as fake if I did try implementing a topic such as beauty or makeup into my blogs or videos. Not to mention it would be very basic and I wouldn’t do any eye makeup because I can’t do that to save my life!

What do you guys think? What do you want to see within the blogging community and do you think there is space for something different? I would also love to connect with any other bloggers who may be covering some of my topics and want to collaborate. Don’t be afraid to comment below or contact me. 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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