What to Expect from a yoga festival

Following on from my recent video – What to Expect from a Yoga Festival, I thought I would post my review for you all. I didn’t get a chance to do this on camera because I was filming there all day and my battery died.

*Note to self – Buy a second battery for your new camera. Can you tell I’m new to the vlogging world?

As I said in the video, I am not a yoga bunny and I have tried it maybe 3 times before. However, on return from the festival, I asked myself – why have I not embraced something like yoga before? The atmosphere and the people that I met encompassed everything I claim to be passionate about.

Someone let me borrow their cute bunny style coat because I was cold

I have always said that I am a positive and encouraging person, which I believe is true. I have a small collection of crystals and also claim to be quite spiritual but to be honest, I’m not sure a collection of crystals is enough to put me in that bracket. I have lost the desire to meditate and recently have found it quite difficult to find clarity and focus within myself, all of which was brought to light when I spent time at the yoga festival.

Everyone I met was positive, happy and radiant. I was there on a professional capacity so my instinct was to shake people’s hands and introduce myself, but everyone found this strange and brushed my hand aside in order to give me a hug. People came across centred and peaceful, there was an energy filled with encouragement and without judgement.

The final OM & Bass yoga session – this was just one side of the field!

Since returning from the festival and discussing my experiences with friends, I was also surprised to hear that a couple of people I know have spent time away to learn yoga and are now teaching. In fact, the woman who had organised the event told me she is an ex-lawyer turned yoga instructor.

I mentioned in the video that there was an area in which I saw people dancing and ‘vibing’ off each other’s energy. There was no structure to the dance, people were just encouraged to feel the music and just move to it. My first thought was that I wouldn’t have been able to let loose in this manner because I felt embarrassed and feared other people watching or judging me. It made me realise that:

1 – I can be uptight at times

2 – I care way too much about what other people think of me.

It became very clear to me that no one was judging anyone else, in fact the complete opposite was true, the area was filled with encouragement and positive energy.

One of my lovely new yoga friends!

On the whole, I made some new friends and I connected with new people on Facebook and Instagram. Even those people’s profiles are wonderfully engaging and joyful. It made me wonder whether I have overlooked the idea of yoga and not given it a chance to inspire me in the way that it has the potential to.

If anyone else has had this experience with yoga, I would love to hear your story. Please enlighten me to what I’ve been missing. Also, watch this space… I may soon be Martha – Executive PA turned blogger, turned yoga instructor!

Thanks for reading

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