Naked Attraction?

I recently watched a programme on Channel 4 called Naked Attraction. I had seen it advertised a few times but I just never really took note of when it was on. I originally felt intrigued to find out how exactly the show worked because I didn’t really get it from the advert.

Last week, I don’t remember what day it was, but I had been working on my blog until late at night. I decided to make myself a hot chocolate and turned on the TV. I saw that Naked Attraction was about to start and thought ‘Oh yeah, this is on now! Finally, I can actually see what all the fuss is about’. I even text my single ladies whatsapp group to say that I was finally going to watch it and I’d feedback to them what I thought – yes, I am sad sometimes.

For those of you who haven’t watched or heard of it, let me explain how it works. There will be a man or a woman who is looking for a relationship – let’s call them ‘the chooser’ for now. In front of that person will be 6 different coloured pods which are covered by a screen. Behind the screen are the potential dates and they are all completely naked. The screen will go up slowly after every round, in which one person gets eliminated and narrowed down to 2 people. For example, in the first round the screen will go up to waist height and the chooser will be able to see everything from the waist down – yes, everything! So, the episode I watched started with a young girl looking for a date and from round 1 there were 6 penises to choose from. Once the chooser has narrowed it down to 2 potentials, they then go backstage and also get naked. They come back out, get some feedback from the potential dates and then they choose who they want to go out with. Ta-da! Then they fall in love and live happily ever after?

Is there hope that we can all be as happy as these two?

In general, I take programs like this with a pinch of salt. In this case, I watched it and just felt a bit silly, giggling at the fact that I was looking at some penises on TV – again, yes I do have my sad moments. It’s the type of programme that I think I would watch during a girl’s night-in with some pizza and wine. However, once the programme was finished and I really thought about the dating scene in 2017, it made me wonder… where has all the romance gone?

Ladies (and guys too), I’m not sure if it’s just me but I don’t find this romantic at all! Am I being old fashioned? Is there really the possibility of finding love in this way?

Watching the chooser and the presenter discuss each person’s private parts in order to narrow it down, I personally found a bit cringey. Not to mention comments referring to whether the man has been circumcised or whether the women’s labia was too big or not. I’m not sure how I would feel if I had come across this programme when I was in my early twenties and was quite shy. In fact, how does this programme affect young boys and girls who have body image issues and feel really self-conscious about specific areas of their bodies? Or those who haven’t yet started dating or having sex and feel quite nervous about it?

Nevertheless, the process of picking the dates wasn’t what made me think about writing this post. What made me think about it was the footage of the dates and the conclusion aspect of the show. The girl I saw went on her date and she was very disappointed. She told the audience that on the date the guy just seemed as if he wasn’t taking it seriously and he was just looking for a bit of fun. In retort, he said that he’s young, enjoying his life and he doesn’t see anything wrong with that – she wasn’t impressed at all. My reaction to that was – well, what did you expect?

The man’s date seemed to have gone better but what I found surprising was that on the date, the girl said to him something along the lines of – ‘Well, at least I don’t have to be nervous wondering whether or not you have a small dick!’. I think he was a bit taken aback by that comment but he laughed it off. Again, it just made me think about where the excitement is. Is that not the fun of dating? Not knowing what the other person looks like naked and the anticipation whilst getting to know each other, is that not what makes that time exciting?

Ironically, I never really liked the taste of these

On the whole, I’m still not really convinced that this is a way to find a long lasting relationship but I am open minded and would be interested to see how some of the other dates got on. I’m all for sexual expression and understand that this may be a bit of fun for the participants. Perhaps some of these dates will lead on to casual relationships or a fling but can we really expect something meaningful?

What concerns me is that, when looking for something deeper than just sex, there are still so many of us who are using superficial methods. Tinder, bumble, plenty of fish, happn. They are all based on what the person looks like and not how compatible they could be with our values, hobbies, interests etc. Not just this, but they are all so easily accessible and require very little effort from both parties. I am definitely guilty of using some of these methods myself, but again I haven’t really taken the dating game seriously since becoming single. I have only ever looked for a fun distraction, rather than love. However, I am always curious to hear about what people who are looking for love are doing about it.

I do hope that when the time comes for me to find my dream husband, there are other methods that don’t include getting naked behind a screen and allowing him to see my vagina before he even sees my face or knows my name! 😀

I would love to hear your opinions on this topic. Please feel free to contact me or comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Words are my on, photos from Pixabay

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