My Puzzle of Consistency

Last week I bought a 200 piece puzzle for ages 8+. You might be wondering why, seeing as I’m a 32 year old woman who could probably finish this puzzle quite quickly. The puzzle is just a standard puzzle. The image is also not significant, it’s just an animal jungle. The image is pretty cool actually, it reminds me of the Jungle Book. The reason I bought it was to use it as an accountability exercise. I can’t take full credit for it because it was suggested to me by one of my brothers. They seem to be a regular mention on my blog don’t they?

Mowgli seems to have left the island

So, I have obviously always known that in order to achieve anything, you need to work hard and put in consistent daily effort. In fact, one of my mentors said to me last year: ‘Do something every day that brings you closer to your goals.’ So when I re-evaluated my goals a few weeks ago, I wondered how on earth I was going to reach them.

When you’re starting a new project, in this case my blog, it can seem daunting and stressful at times to think that you have to consistently post and think of new content. Not to mention everything I need to learn about blogging, vlogging, monetising your blog, YouTube, SEO, Adwords, Google Analytics… the list is endless. However, step by step I go.

I know that sometimes I have days in which I don’t really want to film myself – as I mentioned in my recent How to Deal with Self-Doubt post. However, there will always be something else I can do and the most important thing I need to remember is that my actions today will affect my future results.

I promise I am age appropriate for this

Visualisations, mood-boards and writing down your goals, are all things I have been told to do before. I already have a mood-board and I have written down my latest goals. However, I don’t always make time for visualisation and to be honest, I don’t always find it fun.

Towards the end of July I calculated that from the 1st August, we only have 153 days left of the year. I want to ensure that I am productive for the next 5 months and beyond and I also thought it might be nice to create some kind of accountability exercise to go with that. Hence, my puzzle of consistency!

To clarify how I will be using the puzzle, here’s the premise behind it. The puzzle only has 200 pieces. Like all puzzles, you can’t see the full picture until you actually finish it. Therefore, if I divide the amount of pieces by the amount of days left in the year, I would need to add 1.3 pieces to the puzzle every day to have it finished by NYE. 200 was the closest puzzle I could find to 153, so there will be a few days in which I will need to add 2 pieces but the ideal scenario would’ve been to add a piece per day.

Now, what is the point of this? It’s a small exercise that I can do daily to remind me, not only of the bigger picture, but also of the importance of consistent daily activity. It’s not something that should take up too much of my day. I don’t want this exercise to be something strenuous or time consuming, so as not to sidetrack me from important tasks. I also feel excited to add a piece per day and watch the image map itself out.

At the moment it’s just on my bedroom floor because I don’t have much free space in my little one bed flat. At least I get to see it every morning and every night! The other thing I thought of was that if it does help me with accountability and motivation, I can make it more personal next year. It’s so easy nowadays to get these types of products customised therefore, I could create one with the image being specific to my goals. I’m not sure if it would be possible to also specify the number of pieces but if not, I would just get the closest to 365.

What my puzzle currently looks like – Yes I did separate the edges!

Anyway, it’s early days yet and I only started it 2 days ago but watch this space. I will be adding to the puzzle as I go along and see if I remain consistent with it. Of course, I will also keep you updated via Facebook and Instagram.

I’d love to know what you all think of this idea and whether you also have methods for accountability, either for you or your friends.

Speak soon 🙂


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