My 30 Day Nutrition Plan Update

As I write this I am on day 21 of my 30 day nutrition plan and I am happy to say that I am doing well. I wanted to give you an honest run down of how I’m getting on and how I’ve been feeling with it all. If you missed my original post, feel free to read that first.

So, here goes…

The beginning of my nutrition plan

I don’t want to focus too much on week 1 because you can access my video summary on YouTube. However, this went pretty well apart from the couple of shaky days in which my stomach felt a bit ‘sensitive’. Let’s just say, I was grateful I wasn’t caught out in public with no nearby toilet! Apart from that, I stuck to the nutrition plan and was eating healthily. I think it was just my body adjusting to the new regime or maybe flushing out the crap I had been eating before.

Since the video

I’ve so far stuck to the nutrition plan but I think I realised halfway through that I kind of shot myself in the foot. I created a plan in which I cut out dairy but I also wanted to increase my good fats. At around week 2 I started to research good fats, to try mixing it up a bit and a lot of the suggested foods were dairy, including cheese. I’m not sure if I have drastically increased my fat intake much. The only thing that I have been eating daily is avocado.

Avocado cut in half with smiley faces in the middle


What else have I been eating?

I have definitely increased my vegetable intake as planned. Whenever I go shopping my fridge is lovely and colourful with all the veg! I’m also discovering the world of frozen vegetables for convenience – I don’t always like to spend ages cooking 3 meals per day. Did anyone else have no idea you could buy sweet potato fries in the frozen section? That’s probably really obvious to most of you!

I also enjoy meal prepping and making bigger batches of food that I can eat for a few days. So far I have made a vegetable chilli with courgettes, mixed peppers, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree. The second week I made something similar but I decided to turn it into more of a stew and added diced beef – that was really nice.

At times I would find it difficult to not miss bread with this type of meal. Just a little piece of bread to dip into the sauce. Perhaps that’s just the habits of someone from a Hispanic family. We dip bread into every sauce imaginable!

I’ve also started to make chicken stir fry again. I can add a multitude of vegetables to this, especially the tasty crunchy ones. I also make courghetti and throw that in there instead of noodles. Another new one for me is veggie burgers. For the first time I made them myself from scratch, which was interesting. I didn’t have scales or a measuring jug so, I just had to wing it with the measurements. ooops! They actually did taste nice but I think next time I would prefer to add some protein like fish.

For breakfast I’ve also been making smoothies. I posted an Instagram story of exactly what I put in one of them so follow me if you want to see my diet in more detail. Essentially my morning smoothie contains berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries), a banana, half an avocado, a handful of spinach, one scoop of chocolate Vegan protein and almond milk. This smoothie is surprisingly filling and does keep me going for a few hours, however I’m not sure how it would suffice if I was working out in the morning like I used to.

3 examples of my meals from the nutrition plan

beef stew with avocado, veggie burger with sweet potato fries, chicken stir fry

What about the water intake goal? 

I have to say that I struggled with this a little bit, which surprised me. A couple of years ago, my gym routine consisted of weight training and drinking 2.5 litres of water per day. I imagined that I wouldn’t struggle with this as I’d done it before. I actually kept forgetting and then ended up drinking more towards the end of the day to catch up with myself. There have definitely been a couple of days in which I haven’t been able to finish the 2 litre mark because I have been out and about and didn’t make it a priority – my fault, I know!

How it has affected me so far

In terms of my general mood and energy levels, I feel as if the nutrition plan hasn’t had a drastic effect on this either. I don’t feel so sluggish and I’m definitely not bloated as I was before but I wouldn’t necessarily say that my energy levels have improved in a way that I would consider drastic.

In regards to my body, I have definitely noticed a change within my body shape, even not having finished the plan yet. I feel as if my waist is smaller and I do feel like I have lost weight – which again, wasn’t my intention. As stated in my video, I have not weighed myself or taken any measurements since Day 1. I want to wait until day 30 before I do this. However, going by my clothes and just knowing my body, I feel as though there will be a difference.

woman with lots of measuring tape around her waist

Resisting the urge to take my measurements

Unfortunately I have also noticed that my boobs look smaller and my bra isn’t as full as it normally is – this is a massive let down for me! I’m not sure if perhaps cutting out bread, pasta and white rice is also the reason that I may have started to lose some of my lady lumps but I will re-evaluate again on day 30 and adjust my nutrition plan based on research and my overall experience.

Moving forward

So, I still have another 9 days left and I am committed to finishing this plan off but I will definitely give you a thorough breakdown once I am done. At this stage I am pretty sure that I will tweak my nutrition plan to suit my needs. I have also been thinking about how I can incorporate exercise into my next regime. I think this will not only encourage my body to enhance my curves but also to feel better and release some much needed endorphins.

On the whole I am feeling proud that I have successfully committed to the plan so far and I am really itching to take my measurements soon!

Is anyone else on a new health or nutrition plan? I would love to hear how you’re getting on and your pros & cons, do’s & don’ts etc.

I think the key is to try out new things and see how your body responds. It’s my first step and my kick start to finding out what is best for my body. 🙂

Catch up soon,


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