My 30 day kick-start plan

I’ve decided that I will be going on a 30 day kick-start nutrition plan. I know it’s almost the end of the month and part of me thought, ‘Okay, I’ll start in August’ but I then realised, why not just start today? I haven’t been very good with my nutrition lately and I have definitely let this slip since my routine changed. I no longer have a set 9-5 schedule and at times I have found myself skipping meals because I’ve been too busy or preoccupied with other things. Within the last two weeks I have also eaten McDonalds because I was in a rush and had no time to make anything – one of which I admitted on Facebook.

Carl looks much happier with himself than I am!

I’m not sure if I would call it an upside, but I have in turn lost weight. Within the last month I have lost 2 kg, without really trying. The reason I don’t see this as an upside is because I have started to lose my shape. My boobs aren’t filling out my bra at the moment and my bum is looking a bit like a pancake! This isn’t the look I would particularly want to go for and it has made me feel quite self-conscious.

The downside is that I am also not feeling great generally. I feel quite tired and without energy most of the time. I seem to require more sleep than I normally would and I really have to push myself into feeling energised. This again, is not the mental state that I am going for.

In light of all this, I want to make a change. I remember the feeling of being fit and healthy because I used to weight train and in the past I have felt more motivated to exercise and eat well. I feel as if this may have been because I had close friends who were also on the same journey, or going on holiday with me, therefore there was a sense of team effort and slight competition to drive me. The reason I have called it a kick-start is because I am hoping it will be my first step into a better health and fitness regime.

I also did wonder, perhaps I’m not the only one who has fallen off the wagon and who wants work on their health goals. It’s the middle of the year and I imagine most people have completely forgotten about the goals they set in January. Perhaps I can inspire or motivate other people to get back on it? If not, at least I am bettering myself and making myself accountable to you by monitoring and vlogging my 30 days.

To give you more detail, I have taken inspiration from a recommended nutrition plan and have come up with the following.

Increase water intake – 2 litres per day minimum

Increase vegetable intake – this should take up at least 50% of your plate at every meal time

Increase intake of good fats

Remove processed, packaged or fast food

Remove dairy, including milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter

Remove refined sugar, including fizzy drinks

Remove alcohol

Looking at the list above, my greatest fear I think will be removing cheese from my diet. I also sometimes snack on sweet things especially when I’m out for dinner – I can’t resist a desert.

Need someone to help me take my body fat percentage…

However, for the next 30 days my priority will be nutrition. I have taken my measurements from Day 1 and also my weight, but this is simply to identify how my body changes during this time. My goal is not to lose weight but to feel better, feel more energised and perhaps this will lead onto me feeling more motivated to get back into a structured fitness routine too. I don’t want to put too much on my plate (get it!) by also trying to implement a new gym or exercise routine. I just want my first 30 days to be solely based on my nutrition and general wellbeing.

As stated above, I will be tracking my progress and also vlogging throughout the 30 days in order to keep a video diary of how I’m getting on.

If anyone feels like they also want to jump on with me and motivate each other, please feel free to contact me directly and we can set something up. Either way, I think I need to take a trip to the supermarket now! 🙂

Thanks for reading

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  1. July 26, 2017 / 11:34 pm

    Good luck with your journey! Looking forward to seeing your progress 🙂

    • Martha Lucia
      July 26, 2017 / 11:51 pm

      Thank you Sabrina! I will keep you updated! 🙂

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