I am currently reading Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. She is also one of my role models and I’ve been following her for a while. I think one of the things I struggle with the most is counting my blessings on a regular basis. Finding the lesson in negative situations can also sometimes take effort for me. From what I have been learning from the RSL book and also in homage to Gala, I have decided to do my own list of 10 things I am grateful for this week.

1) My relationship with my brothers. Every Monday I have a catch up call with them to reflect on the week gone by and also to prepare for the following week. We each set a weekly task and make each other accountable.

2) Family time. On Sunday, after launching my blog and feeling proud of myself, I made time for my family. We had Sunday lunch together and I showed my dad my blog and my YouTube videos – I don’t think he got it but he watched them all. 🙂

3) My little monkey. Also known as Kizzy, my dog. She is a Jack Russell/King Charles Spaniel cross and she is as human as a dog can be. She has bitchy moments and her own little personality. Most importantly, she is always happy to see me, even after 13 years she will always run around and wag her tail whenever I come through the door.

How young where we? Taken in one of those old school photo booths that immediately printed your photos

4) Spontaneous social events. Last week I was invited to see Daddy Yankee by one of my closest friends. It was quite last minute and it was a very good deal – thanks Sophie! In any case, we had such a laugh and I must say, I was impressed with his energy and the vibe of everyone there. Even on the way out, people were singing and dancing. I would absolutely go again!

5) Living alone. At this point in my life, I absolutely love living alone! It hasn’t yet been a year since I moved in but the freedom that it brings is priceless. I have always wanted to live by myself – very Carrie Bradshaw-esque. I know that (at my age) this is something I will probably only be able to do at this point in my life. When the time comes to think about settling down with someone else, I can look back at this time and smile!

6) My desire to learn. Since making the decision to create a blog, I’ve had to learn so many new things. I had never set up a website properly, edited a video or even filmed myself with the intention of posting to an audience. Everything I am doing now is a new experience and I am learning as I go. Someone today actually contacted me to ask if she could join my mailing list and I thought… wow! That’s so flattering but I haven’t even started to think about that yet! *Add to my to-do list*

7) New connections. Within the last couple of months I have started to get back into networking and meeting new people. I made new connections at the Yoga festival, I hosted a ladies brunch in London and I have increased my social media engagement to allow me to connect with people in other countries. You learn so many new things by making new connections, not to mention it’s fun! It has fuelled my desire to create my Facebook groups and I have also been invited to try new things, such as my very first outdoor Yoga class this Sunday.

I suppose I am not always alone because Kizzy keeps me company sometimes

8) My health. I’ll be honest and say that this week I haven’t been very good with my nutrition but in general I am in good health and have nothing to complain about. Back when I was working full time in corporate I was full of anxiety and felt very low on a daily basis. Looking back I am so glad that I no longer feel like this and I feel much more positive and hopeful for the future.

9) Being driven. No, not being chauffeured around but being driven to try new things, work on myself and have the desire to be successful. Recently I reflected on my age and what I have achieved so far. I feel proud of what I have done and what I’ve learnt to date but I want to now step it up a notch. So I have set new goals to achieve by the age of 35 and I am willing to work hard to get there.

10) Netflix. This is a bit of a light-hearted one to finish on but I had a bit of a down day recently and I watched Katherine Ryan in Trouble on Netflix, I found it hilarious! I’ve always thought she seemed funny from watching her interviews but this took it to another level and it definitely cheered me up. Some of her jokes are quite shocking and she is very sarcastic – which I love. I would encourage you all to watch it.

I hope this has encouraged you to write a gratitude list of your own because even when we have down days or are feeling a little blue, I find that it helps to focus on the positives.

Thanks for reading.

All words and images are my own

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