Hello! 🙂 I’m Martha Lucía

Welcome to my blog, which I have just created – Summer 2017 for all of you future readers. 😉

I have always toyed with the idea of writing my own blog but just never had the confidence to do it so, better late than never I guess. I started this blog following my decision to leave my full-time corporate job. I am now concentrating on finding myself and hopefully finding happiness along the way. If you want a bit more detail about me, click onto my first blog post – Hello Blogosphere!

I am naturally quite shy and not a selfie-taker. I’m also definitely new to vlogging, video editing and everything related, but I am looking forward to jumping in with both feet and hope to keep you interested and engaged.

I suppose you could call this a lifestyle blog but to me, it’s just my journey that I’ve decided to share with you – topics ranging from business to dating!

If you feel like connecting with me directly then contactme@marthalucia.co.uk